Fifth International IDEA Conference
Studies in English
14 - 16 April 2010
Atılım University, İncek Campus, Ankara

Exhibition: Silent Reading By Şenol Bezci

          EXHIBITION: “SILENT READING”            
by Dr. Şenol BEZCİ

Şenol Bezci was born in 1968. As a self-taught artist, he started to publish cartoons in popular humor magazines while he was a high school student. Studying English Literature at METU in the Department of Foreign Language Education changed his idea of cartoon art immensely. His cartoons were no more merely about funny situations or current political events. Soon he started to draw cartoons that are poetic in form and universal in content manifesting his interest in literature. He had his first solo exhibition in 1997. His second exhibition, Absurd Person Singular, named after Ayckbourne’s famous play, was a visual contribution to the philosophy of the absurd. His last exhibition, Livregraph, was held at Selçuk University as a part of 22nd All Turkey English Literature Conference. This show was the peak of the interplay between literature and the art of cartooning in Bezci’s art career since he employed metaphors related to the acts of reading and writing, “re-wrote” the classics with an ironic temporal distance and drew cartoons on particular works of literature. The same thread will be pursued in the exhibition prepared for 5th International IDEA Conference. The title of the new exhibition is Silent Reading.  

Şenol Bezci received his PhD degree from Ankara University with a dissertation on the fiction of Julian Barnes in 2007. His research interests include postmodern fiction, narrative theory, comics and the art of cartooning. He has drawn cartoons for Radikal and Birgün newspapers and many magazines including Marine Aktüel, Yaşasın Edebiyat, Kitap-lık, Hayal and Birikim. His writings were mostly published in Son Duvar, Serüven and Virgül