Fifth International IDEA Conference
Studies in English
14 - 16 April 2010
Atılım University, İncek Campus, Ankara

Exhibition: Silent Reading By Şenol Bezci


Alev Yaylioglu was born in Ankara in 1960 and after graduating from highschool, she studied Biology at Hacettepe University. Although she graduated as a Biologist (BS), she never worked in her field. Instead, as she was very interested in fine arts, she received education and training on Ceramic, Sculpture and Marble. She has been dealing with these arts since 24 years and her artworks were exhibited at various art galleries and exhibition centers throughout 10 years.
Since 1994, she’s been teaching ceramic, sculpture and marble in various Art Studios. At present, she is teaching marble at Atılım University in addition to private classes / lessons.
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Marbling is just like cooking. It is nearly impossible to give exact recipes.
Ebruzen (marbler) obtains natural dyes by crushing earth with a stone pestle and then mixing it with gall and water; spots dyes into the basin filled with gummed water by means of paintbrushes made of horse hair bound around a rose-tree stick. The artist then forms different patterns by using various techniques and takes them off by laying a sheet of paper on the surface of the water. Then the artist dries up the paper to get marble paper.